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AOL Chat with Gabriel Macht
On March 5, 2000, TV Guide on AOL presented a chat with actor Gabriel Macht. Gabriel answered questions about his new show, "The Others."

TV Guide: Welcome Gabriel!

Gabriel: Hello...Aloha...Hi everyone...bring it on baby, bring it on! : )

Question: The storylines for The Others are pretty intense, especially last week's. How do you prepare yourself for performing as this character?

Gabriel: I try a nd take all the horrible pain of humanity and let it settle in my bones! : ) LOL Joking...I try to understand the feelings of those that I am empathic towards and try to use those feelings to heal those who I have been blessed to heal. I'm just the sensitive doctor who tries to proactively help them through the story if I can.

Question: How do you and the other cast members get along?

Gabriel: The group chemistry is actually terriffic. We have a great time working together. I'm having everyone over on Saturday for dinner to watch the show. We all love working together and were sad this past week because we just wrapped up the taping of the show for this season. We hope you all continue to watch the show so we can continue working together next season.

TV Guide: Right now, we're talking with Gabriel Macht from the new NBC series, "The Others".

Question: Well-good evening from the land of spring training-Gabriel, I have read the reviews of the Picasso play that Steve Martin wrote, I am curious what was the technical difficulty that messed up you getting on stage?

Gabriel: The character I played was a visitor, Elvis. He had him entering the bar from the bathroom bacause Elvis died in a bathroom. An asteroid crashiong sound comes from the background and there is a flash of light and then Elvis appears on stage. To be quite honest, I [don't] remember any technical difficulties.

Question: What has been your favorite episode of The Others so far?

Gabriel: There is an episode where I have alot to do - Don't Dream It's Over. I fall in love with the woman of my dreams in my dreams and she happens to be form the late1800's in London. We can only find each other in our dreams. We can connect in our dream state only. She happens to be a victim of abuse and I have to try to get The Others to help me save this woman's life. Marion helps channel her back to this reality and that's all I'm going to say.

TV Guide: Right now, we're talking with Gabriel Macht from the new NBC series, "The Others".

Question: The Others subject matter is very interesting and intriguing. Do you, yourself believe that paranormal events occur and that there are things happening in the world that we cannot see?

Gabriel: It's a very touchy subject. Someone very dear and close to me said I should not speak about this. However, let's just say that I do believe that the possibiltiy is out there and I believe that when dealing with the supernatural or paranormal that women's intuition is supernatural. : )

Question: Have you always wanted to be an actor? If you weren't an actor right now, what do you think you would be?

Gabriel: I'd be working in a morgue! : ) LOL Yes, the truth is I have always wanted to be an actor. My ispiration wa smy father who is also an actor, Stephen Macht. His perfomrance would move me so much and I thought it was so cool that he could move people that way. I started acting when I was 5. I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show as a kid and loved performing the songs for my family even though I didn't know what the movie meant. If I wasn't an actor, I really think I would like to be a parmedic or doctor so I could help people. My friend just graduated form med school and I laugh with him about how I'm not a doctor but get to play one on TV.

Question: What actors/actresses that you haven't worked with already, would you like to work with in the future?

Gabriel: Phillip Seymour Hoffman is my favorite actor. Ive hung out with him but would love to work with him. He makes great choices about his roles and runs the spectrum. Meryl Streep and Catherine O'Hara also. Catherine makes me laugh so much and I would love to do an offbeat comedy with her. Katherine Keener is another I'd like to work with in addition to Sarah Rafferty and Tina Benko.

Question: What does the future hold in store for Mark Gabriel?

Gabriel: My relationship with Satori although Ilove her dearly, the universe will not let it happen. I feel I have more of a connection with Marion because I feel her every moment of disparity. As far as his dealing with life, he is a man of science, he also believes in the supernatural and the abnormal other world and its existence...this poses a big conflict for him. He wants to heal people who are both medically sick and paranormally at pain. He trying to figure out if his gift is a blessing or a curse. I can't wait for the cliffhanger. All these questions become answered in the final episode of the season.

Question: Any future movie rolls coming for you?

Gabriel: Jennifer Love-Hewiit is in the Audrey Hepburn story and I play William Holden who had an onscreen offscreen romance with Audrey during the filming of Sabrina in 1954. Ive also done 2 independent films one which I also produced called the Bookie's Lament, which is coming out next fall/winter Also 101 Ways also in the Fall. Look out for these. You can also rent The Adventures of Sebastian Cole coming out on video soon. Im in the running for a few additional projects, but more importantly watch the show because I want to be back next year! : )

Question: are you surprised by the following the show is getting? it's doing well in the time slot

Gabriel: I am pleasantly surprised. Its wonderful were getting such a great response. The time slot is changing to 9pm starting on 3/11. I've looked into the chatrooms at and it seems that people are really enjoying it and responding in a positive way. It really is a scary show and we've had great writers/directors. Toby Hooper directed last week's and Bill Condon (Gods & Monsters) did this week's. People are attracted by the characters and the storylines and we are fortunate to be getting such a great response.

TV Guide: Thanks Gabriel! We had a great time and wish you and the show the best! Please come back a and talk with us again soon!

Gabriel: Thank you very home safe and sound! LOL Thanks for having me and we'll talk soon! Good Vibrations mon ; )

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