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Table of Contents:
1. December 1 - The Day of Mirthful License
2. 1961 - Year of the Ox
3. Bristol, UK
4. Old Vic Theatre School

The Day of Mirthful License*

December 1, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Mutable Fire, "The simplest things in life are usually the most important." Strengths: vibrant, extroverted, energetic. Weaknesses: frazzled, misdirected, unaware.

Those born on December 1 are highly outspoken people. Moreover, they are not afraid to back up their words with actions. However, because they usually accompany their more immodest behavior with a twinkle of the eye and beguiling innocence, they win people over. Unashamedly, they flagrantly deny all the rules of etiquette and behavior at will, particularly when important issues are at stake in their lives.

Not always fully aware of themselves and what they are doing, they seem almost driven by forces beyond their control. Even they themselves may at times have doubts about their stability, but nonetheless their unusual mental makeup seems to work for them. Giving, generous people, those born on this day want to share what they have with those near and dear to them. The problem with this is that December 1 people are often so busy that they have little time to do so.

December 1 people are flirtatious with the opposite sex. Not all of this is serious, however, since although they enjoy exerting their charm on one and all, they reserve their deep feelings of love for very special people. December 1 people are free spirits. Perhaps they would do well to become a bit more secretive, diplomatic and not just hang out their laundry for all to see. Moreover, if they wish to be taken seriously, they have to pay more mind to their credibility rating.

[*For entertainment only, the above birthday information was excerpted from "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider.]

1961 - The Year of the Metal Ox/Buffalo*

People rightly say the Buffalo male is a tactile; he always feels the need to touch, palpate, manipulate everything within his reach, like a child exploring the world around him. Attributed with extraordinary manual dexterity, he dotes on tinkering with his hands whenever circumstances permit it. His voice is deep, husky, warm, full of poise and authority.

His physical endurance far surpasses that of the average man. He can normally expect to live a long and healthy life provided, of course, that he be careful about his eating habits, sleep sufficiently and indulge in no excess whatsoever for any length of time. But he is not always as reasonable as he should be, and finds moderation a difficult objective to achieve. He tends to overwork himself to death, partly because he loves working "Work equals health," he often says to justify himself and partly because once he gets the bit between his teeth, it is practically impossible for him to know how to stop before being forced to.

Everything this individual does seems to confirm his rather unconscious desire to keep a low profile. He moves slowly, eats slowly, reacts slowly, speaks slowly, rarely raising his voice. Quiet and understated in manner, he shuns the limelight as far as possible. His clothes are decisively on the conservative side. Although sparing of words, what he says is usually well thought-out and meaningful. He is burdened with some difficulty to express himself verbally in his everyday life, but can become quite eloquent and forceful when his deepest convictions are at stake.

The Buffalo male is the very personification of stability and conservatism just like a centenary oak firmly planted in the soil. This man displays an unusually strong sense of property and is sometimes possessive and jealous to the point of ridiculousness. His work, his house, his hobbies, his family, his money, his club, his village, his town, his country are all sacred to him, and he would not tolerate any attack on them.

The Buffalo male is a sensualist and has no complex about it. He wants to enjoy to the full all the good things the Creator affords him. He does not hold in high esteem those who are difficult to please, whose moral well-being requires a myriad conditions. He himself does not need much to feel blissful. Contemplating a moonlit night or a beautiful flower, listening to cicadas hidden among leaves, receiving a phone call from an old friend all such ordinary events can fill him with unspeakable delight. He follows, without knowing it, this advice of Confucius, "Joy is in everything: One only has to extract it."

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[*For entertainment only, the Chinese Zodiac information above was excerpted from Master Rao.]

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